What is Browser Information and Why is It Used?

When you visit websites, your browser shares certain information with them to ensure an optimal browsing experience. This information, including your device IP address, browser type and version, operating system details, screen resolution, timezone, language settings, and more, helps websites tailor their content and functionality to suit your preferences and device capabilities.

Your IP address provides a unique identifier for your device, allowing websites to approximate your geographical location and deliver localized content or services. Browser details like name, version, and rendering engine assist websites in optimizing their design and functionality for compatibility across different browsers and platforms.

Operating system and version details enable websites to ensure compatibility and functionality with specific OS features or limitations. Screen resolution, a measure of your screen pixel dimensions, influences how websites display content, ensuring presented clearly and responsively on your device.

Browser timezone and language settings help websites customize content based on your location and preferred language, providing localized information or language-specific content.

However, if your browser does not support cookies, small data files can not be stored on your device by websites, it might affect personalization features and stored preferences on sites. Additionally, browsers that disable or limit storage options can impact caching and data retention, potentially affecting website performance.

Overall, the information your browser shares is crucial for websites to deliver personalized, compatible, and optimized content and services tailored to your device and preferences, enriching your browsing experience.

What is My IP Address?

Discover your device unique Internet Protocol (IP) address, a digital identifier used for communication on networks. Gain insights into your online presence and approximate geographic location based on your IP.


What is My User-Agent String?

Explore information about your device type and model, aiding in compatibility and optimization of online content. Know more about your device specifications for enhanced browsing experiences.


What is My Browser Name and Version?

Discover your browser name and version, such as Chrome, Firefox, or Safari, vital for compatibility and functionality on various websites. Stay updated for a seamless browsing experience.


What is My Operating System and Version?

Gain insights into your operating system (OS) and its version, such as Windows, macOS, or Linux, crucial for software compatibility and performance optimization.


What is My Screen Resolution?

Understand your screen resolution, detailing the number of pixels displayed on your device screen. Your resolution impacts the quality and visual representation of online content.


Your Browser Depth Information

Explore your browser history depth setting, indicating the number of pages stored in the history. Understand how your browser manages and retains browsing history for improved navigation.


What is My Timezone?

Explore your timezone settings, indicating your geographic location time offset from Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). Accurate timezone settings are essential for scheduling and time-related activities.


Your Browser Language

Discover your browser language settings, determining the language displayed in web content. Stay informed about language preferences for an optimized browsing experience.


Which Fonts Supported by Browser?

Explore the fonts installed on your browser device, impacting the appearance and readability of online content. Different fonts influence the visual presentation of text across websites.


Which Plugins Supported by Browser?

Gain insights into the plugins installed in your browser, such as Adobe Flash or Java, enhancing functionality and interaction on various websites. Stay informed for an enriched browsing experience.


My Browser Engine Details

Understand your browser rendering engine and version, like Blink, Gecko, or WebKit, responsible for displaying web content. Stay updated for optimized website performance and compatibility.


Is Cookie Enabled on My Browser?

Discover if your browser enables cookies, small pieces of data stored on your device by websites. Cookies personalize website experiences and provide functionalities like remembering login details or site preferences.

Is Session Enabled on My Browser?

Explore your browser session enable settings, impacting temporary data storage and website interactions during a browsing session. Understand how session data is handled for improved online experiences.


Is Storage Enabled on My Browser?

Understand if your browser allows storage, impacting data retention and caching on websites. Storage settings influence how data is stored and managed for improved browsing.