Video Screenshot Image is an online tool that allows you to take a screenshot from video. It is easy-to-use tool for capturing images and photos from any movie, song and video. After taking screenshot images, you can check the images in a new tab with actual size. In this way, you can decide the right picture for your purposes. This online tool is processed locally in your browser. Your video and screenshot pictures are not uploaded to our servers and are not stored any external storages. You can capture unlimited numbers of screenshot images with free. Besides of this, you can download unlimited number of screenshot images on your computer.

How to Take a Screenshot From a Video?

  • 1. Select Video

    Select a video file that you would like to take screenshot from, by clicking Select Video button. Video will be loaded on a video player and start to play automatically. Your video is not uploaded to our servers or any external servers. The entire screenshot capturing process happens securely within your browser.

  • 2. Find Video-Frame

    Find the video frame which you would like to take a screenshot by using player controls or by typing exact second manually. Click the Take Screenshot button to capture an image of that video-time. You can take multiple screenshots by clicking the button.

  • 3. Check Screenshots

    All video screenshot images will be shown under the video. You can open those images in the new tab to see images in exact size. You can decide which screenshot image is better for you without downloading on your computer.

  • 4. Download Video Screenshot

    After deciding the best fitted screenshot images, Click the Download button under the image. The Screenshot image will be downloaded on your computer in a couple of seconds.