Most Used Symbols

©Copyright Sign®Registered Sign±Plus-Minus Sign°Degree SignEuro SignTurkish Lira SignCrypto Currency Bitcoin Sign£Pound Sign¢Cent Sign¥Yen Sign¤Currency SignμMicro SignPilcrow Sign¿Inverted Question Mark¡Inverted Exclamation Mark×Multiplication Sign÷Division SignøLatin Small Letter O With StrokeØLatin Capital Letter O With StrokeßLatin Small Letter Sharp S

Miscellaneous symbols

Black Sun With RaysCloudUmbrellaSnowmanCometBlack StarWhite StarLightningThunderstormSunAscending NodeDescending NodeConjunctionOppositionBlack TelephoneWhite TelephoneBallot BoxBallot Box With CheckBallot Box With XSaltire


Leftwards ArrowUpwards ArrowRightwards ArrowDownwards ArrowLeft Right ArrowUp Down ArrowNorth West ArrowNorth East ArrowSouth East ArrowSouth West ArrowLeftwards Arrow With StrokeRightwards Arrow With StrokeLeftwards Wave ArrowRightwards Wave ArrowLeftwards Two Headed ArrowUpwards Two Headed ArrowRightwards Two Headed ArrowDownwards Two Headed ArrowLeftwards Arrow With TailRightwards Arrow With Tail

Geometric Shape

Black SquareWhite SquareWhite Square With Rounded CornersWhite Square Containing Black SmallSquare With Horizontal FillSquare With Vertical FillSquare With Orthogonal CrosshatchSquare With Upper Left To Lower RightSquare With Upper Right To Lower LeftSquare With Diagonal Crosshatch FillBlack Small SquareWhite Small SquareBlack RectangleWhite RectangleBlack Vertical RectangleWhite Vertical RectangleBlack ParallelogramWhite ParallelogramBlack Up-Pointing TriangleWhite Up-Pointing Triangle

Mathematical Operators

For AllComplementPartial DifferentialThere ExistsThere Does Not ExistEmpty SetIncrementNablaElement OfNot An Element OfSmall Element OfContains As MemberDoes Not Contain As MemberSmall Contains As MemberEnd Of ProofN-Ary ProductN-Ary CoproductN-Ary SummationMinus SignMinus-Or-Plus Sign

Currency symbols

Euro-Currency SignColon SignCruzeiro SignFrench Franc SignLira SignMill SignNaira SignPeseta SignRupee SignWon SignNew Sheqel SignDong SignEuro SignKip SignTugrik SignDrachma SignGerman Penny SignPeso SignGuarani SignAustral Sign

Chess symbols

White Chess KingWhite Chess QueenWhite Chess RookWhite Chess BishopWhite Chess KnightWhite Chess PawnBlack Chess KingBlack Chess QueenBlack Chess RookBlack Chess BishopBlack Chess KnightBlack Chess PawnWhite Shogi PieceBlack Shogi Piece

Domino Tiles

🀰Domino Tile Horizontal Back🀱Domino Tile Horizontal-00-00🀲Domino Tile Horizontal-00-01🀳Domino Tile Horizontal-00-02🀴Domino Tile Horizontal-00-03🀵Domino Tile Horizontal-00-04🀶Domino Tile Horizontal-00-05🀷Domino Tile Horizontal-00-06🀸Domino Tile Horizontal-01-00🀹Domino Tile Horizontal-01-01🀺Domino Tile Horizontal-01-02🀻Domino Tile Horizontal-01-03🀼Domino Tile Horizontal-01-04🀽Domino Tile Horizontal-01-05🀾Domino Tile Horizontal-01-06🀿Domino Tile Horizontal-02-00🁀Domino Tile Horizontal-02-01🁁Domino Tile Horizontal-02-02🁂Domino Tile Horizontal-02-03🁃Domino Tile Horizontal-02-04

Playing card symbols

🂠Playing Card Back🂡Playing Card Ace Of Spades🂢Playing Card Two Of Spades🂣Playing Card Three Of Spades🂤Playing Card Four Of Spades🂥Playing Card Five Of Spades🂦Playing Card Six Of Spades🂧Playing Card Seven Of Spades🂨Playing Card Eight Of Spades🂩Playing Card Nine Of Spades🂪Playing Card Ten Of Spades🂫Playing Card Jack Of Spades🂬Playing Card Knight Of Spades🂭Playing Card Queen Of Spades🂮Playing Card King Of Spades🂱Playing Card Ace Of Hearts🂲Playing Card Two Of Hearts🂳Playing Card Three Of Hearts🂴Playing Card Four Of Hearts🂵Playing Card Five Of Hearts

CJK Symbols and Punctuation

Presentation Form For Vertical Two DotPresentation Form For Vertical Em DashPresentation Form For Vertical En DashPresentation Form For Vertical Low LinePresentation Form For Vertical WavyPresentation Form For Vertical LeftPresentation Form For Vertical RightPresentation Form For Vertical LeftPresentation Form For Vertical RightPresentation Form For Vertical LeftPresentation Form For Vertical RightPresentation Form For Vertical LeftPresentation Form For Vertical RightPresentation Form For Vertical LeftPresentation Form For Vertical Right︿Presentation Form For Vertical LeftPresentation Form For Vertical RightPresentation Form For Vertical LeftPresentation Form For Vertical RightPresentation Form For Vertical Left

Box Drawing

Box Drawings Light HorizontalBox Drawings Heavy HorizontalBox Drawings Light VerticalBox Drawings Heavy VerticalBox Drawings Light Triple DashBox Drawings Heavy Triple DashBox Drawings Light Triple Dash VerticalBox Drawings Heavy Triple DashBox Drawings Light Quadruple DashBox Drawings Heavy Quadruple DashBox Drawings Light Quadruple DashBox Drawings Heavy Quadruple DashBox Drawings Light Down And RightBox Drawings Down Light And RightBox Drawings Down Heavy And RightBox Drawings Heavy Down And RightBox Drawings Light Down And LeftBox Drawings Down Light And LeftBox Drawings Down Heavy And LeftBox Drawings Heavy Down And Left

Alchemical Symbols

🜀Alchemical Symbol For Quintessence🜁Alchemical Symbol For Air🜂Alchemical Symbol For Fire🜃Alchemical Symbol For Earth🜄Alchemical Symbol For Water🜅Alchemical Symbol For Aquafortis🜆Alchemical Symbol For Aqua Regia🜇Alchemical Symbol For Aqua Regia-2🜈Alchemical Symbol For Aqua Vitae🜉Alchemical Symbol For Aqua Vitae-2🜊Alchemical Symbol For Vinegar🜋Alchemical Symbol For Vinegar-2🜌Alchemical Symbol For Vinegar-3🜍Alchemical Symbol For Sulfur🜎Alchemical Symbol For Philosophers🜏Alchemical Symbol For Black Sulfur🜐Alchemical Symbol For Mercury🜑Alchemical Symbol For Mercury🜒Alchemical Symbol For Mercury🜓Alchemical Symbol For Cinnabar


Coptic Capital Letter AlfaCoptic Small Letter AlfaCoptic Capital Letter VidaCoptic Small Letter VidaCoptic Capital Letter GammaCoptic Small Letter GammaCoptic Capital Letter DaldaCoptic Small Letter DaldaCoptic Capital Letter EieCoptic Small Letter EieCoptic Capital Letter SouCoptic Small Letter SouCoptic Capital Letter ZataCoptic Small Letter ZataCoptic Capital Letter HateCoptic Small Letter HateCoptic Capital Letter ThetheCoptic Small Letter ThetheCoptic Capital Letter IaudaCoptic Small Letter Iauda

Enclosed Alphanumeric Supplement

🄀Digit Zero Full Stop🄁Digit Zero Comma🄂Digit One Comma🄃Digit Two Comma🄄Digit Three Comma🄅Digit Four Comma🄆Digit Five Comma🄇Digit Six Comma🄈Digit Seven Comma🄉Digit Eight Comma🄊Digit Nine Comma🄋Dingbat Circled Sans-Serif Digit Zero🄌Dingbat Negative Circled Sans-Serif Digit🄍Circled Zero With Slash🄎Circled Anticlockwise Arrow🄏Circled Dollar Sign With Overlaid🄐Parenthesized Latin Capital Letter A🄑Parenthesized Latin Capital Letter B🄒Parenthesized Latin Capital Letter C🄓Parenthesized Latin Capital Letter D

Enclosed Alphanumerics

Circled Digit OneCircled Digit TwoCircled Digit ThreeCircled Digit FourCircled Digit FiveCircled Digit SixCircled Digit SevenCircled Digit EightCircled Digit NineCircled Number TenCircled Number ElevenCircled Number TwelveCircled Number ThirteenCircled Number FourteenCircled Number FifteenCircled Number SixteenCircled Number SeventeenCircled Number EighteenCircled Number NineteenCircled Number Twenty

General punctuation

HyphenFigure DashEn DashEm DashHorizontal BarDouble Vertical LineDouble Low LineLeft Single Quotation MarkRight Single Quotation MarkSingle Low-9 Quotation MarkSingle High-Reversed-9 Quotation MarkLeft Double Quotation MarkRight Double Quotation MarkDouble Low-9 Quotation MarkDouble High-Reversed-9 Quotation MarkDaggerDouble DaggerBulletTriangular BulletOne Dot Leader

Halfwidth and Fullwidth Forms

Fullwidth Exclamation MarkFullwidth Quotation MarkFullwidth Number SignFullwidth Dollar SignFullwidth Percent SignFullwidth AmpersandFullwidth ApostropheFullwidth Left ParenthesisFullwidth Right ParenthesisFullwidth AsteriskFullwidth Plus SignFullwidth CommaFullwidth Hyphen-MinusFullwidth Full StopFullwidth SolidusFullwidth Digit ZeroFullwidth Digit OneFullwidth Digit TwoFullwidth Digit ThreeFullwidth Digit Four

Letterlike Symbols

Account OfAddressed To The SubjectDouble-Struck Capital CDegree CelsiusCentre Line SymbolCare OfCada UnaEuler ConstantScrupleDegree FahrenheitScript Small GScript Capital HBlack-Letter Capital HDouble-Struck Capital HPlanck ConstantPlanck Constant Over Two PiScript Capital IBlack-Letter Capital IScript Capital LScript Small L

Alphanumeric Characters

𝐀Mathematical Bold Capital A𝐁Mathematical Bold Capital B𝐂Mathematical Bold Capital C𝐃Mathematical Bold Capital D𝐄Mathematical Bold Capital E𝐅Mathematical Bold Capital F𝐆Mathematical Bold Capital G𝐇Mathematical Bold Capital H𝐈Mathematical Bold Capital I𝐉Mathematical Bold Capital J𝐊Mathematical Bold Capital K𝐋Mathematical Bold Capital L𝐌Mathematical Bold Capital M𝐍Mathematical Bold Capital N𝐎Mathematical Bold Capital O𝐏Mathematical Bold Capital P𝐐Mathematical Bold Capital Q𝐑Mathematical Bold Capital R𝐒Mathematical Bold Capital S𝐓Mathematical Bold Capital T

Miscellaneous Mathematical Symbols-A

Three Dimensional AngleWhite Triangle Containing Small WhitePerpendicularOpen SubsetOpen SupersetLeft S-Shaped Bag DelimiterRight S-Shaped Bag DelimiterOr With Dot InsideReverse Solidus Preceding SubsetSuperset Preceding SolidusVertical Bar With Horizontal StrokeMathematical Rising DiagonalLong DivisionMathematical Falling DiagonalSquared Logical AndSquared Logical OrWhite Diamond With Centred DotAnd With DotElement Of Opening UpwardsLower Right Corner With Dot

Miscellaneous Mathematical Symbols-B

Triple Vertical Bar DelimiterMedium-Small-Sized Black CircleZ Notation Type ColonLeft White Curly BracketRight White Curly BracketLeft White ParenthesisRight White ParenthesisZ Notation Left Image BracketZ Notation Right Image BracketZ Notation Left Binding BracketZ Notation Right Binding BracketLeft Square Bracket With UnderbarRight Square Bracket With UnderbarLeft Square Bracket With Tick In TopRight Square Bracket With Tick InLeft Square Bracket With Tick In BottomRight Square Bracket With Tick In TopLeft Angle Bracket With DotRight Angle Bracket With DotLeft Arc Less-Than Bracket

Miscellaneous Symbols and Arrows

North East White ArrowNorth West White ArrowSouth East White ArrowSouth West White ArrowLeft Right White ArrowLeftwards Black ArrowUpwards Black ArrowDownwards Black ArrowNorth East Black ArrowNorth West Black ArrowSouth East Black ArrowSouth West Black ArrowLeft Right Black ArrowUp Down Black ArrowRightwards Arrow With Tip DownwardsRightwards Arrow With Tip UpwardsLeftwards Arrow With Tip DownwardsLeftwards Arrow With Tip UpwardsSquare With Top Half BlackSquare With Bottom Half Black

Miscellaneous Technical

Diameter SignElectric ArrowHouseUp ArrowheadDown ArrowheadProjectivePerspectiveWavy LineLeft CeilingRight CeilingLeft FloorRight FloorBottom Right CropBottom Left CropTop Right CropTop Left CropReversed Not SignSquare LozengeArcSegment

Number Forms

Vulgar Fraction One SeventhVulgar Fraction One NinthVulgar Fraction One TenthVulgar Fraction One ThirdVulgar Fraction Two ThirdsVulgar Fraction One FifthVulgar Fraction Two FifthsVulgar Fraction Three FifthsVulgar Fraction Four FifthsVulgar Fraction One SixthVulgar Fraction Five SixthsVulgar Fraction One EighthVulgar Fraction Three EighthsVulgar Fraction Five EighthsVulgar Fraction Seven EighthsFraction Numerator OneRoman Numeral OneRoman Numeral TwoRoman Numeral ThreeRoman Numeral Four

Small form variants

Small CommaSmall Ideographic CommaSmall Full Stop"<Reserved>Small SemicolonSmall ColonSmall Question MarkSmall Exclamation MarkSmall Em DashSmall Left ParenthesisSmall Right ParenthesisSmall Left Curly BracketSmall Right Curly BracketSmall Left Tortoise Shell BracketSmall Right Tortoise Shell BracketSmall Number SignSmall AmpersandSmall AsteriskSmall Plus SignSmall Hyphen-Minus

Spacing Modifier Letters

ʰModifier Letter Small HʱModifier Letter Small H With HookʲModifier Letter Small JʳModifier Letter Small RʴModifier Letter Small Turned RʵModifier Letter Small Turned R WithʶModifier Letter Small Capital Inverted RʷModifier Letter Small WʸModifier Letter Small YʹModifier Letter PrimeʺModifier Letter Double PrimeʻModifier Letter Turned CommaʼModifier Letter ApostropheʽModifier Letter Reversed CommaʾModifier Letter Right Half RingʿModifier Letter Left Half RingˀModifier Letter Glottal StopˁModifier Letter Reversed Glottal Stop˂Modifier Letter Left Arrowhead˃Modifier Letter Right Arrowhead

Superscripts and Subscripts

Superscript ZeroiSuperscript Latin Small Letter I"<Reserved>"<Reserved>Superscript FourSuperscript FiveSuperscript SixSuperscript SevenSuperscript EightSuperscript NineSuperscript Plus SignSuperscript MinusSuperscript Equals SignSuperscript Left ParenthesisSuperscript Right ParenthesisSuperscript Latin Small Letter NSubscript ZeroSubscript OneSubscript TwoSubscript Three

Supplemental Arrows-B

Rightwards Two-Headed Arrow WithRightwards Two-Headed Arrow WithLeftwards Double Arrow With VerticalRightwards Double Arrow With VerticalLeft Right Double Arrow With VerticalRightwards Two-Headed Arrow FromLeftwards Double Arrow From BarRightwards Double Arrow From BarDownwards Arrow With HorizontalUpwards Arrow With Horizontal StrokeUpwards Triple ArrowDownwards Triple ArrowLeftwards Double Dash ArrowRightwards Double Dash ArrowLeftwards Triple Dash ArrowRightwards Triple Dash ArrowRightwards Two-Headed Triple DashRightwards Arrow With Dotted StemUpwards Arrow To BarDownwards Arrow To Bar

Supplemental Mathematical Operators

N-Ary Circled Dot OperatorN-Ary Circled Plus OperatorN-Ary Circled Times OperatorN-Ary Union Operator With DotN-Ary Union Operator With PlusN-Ary Square Intersection OperatorN-Ary Square Union OperatorTwo Logical And OperatorTwo Logical Or OperatorN-Ary Times OperatorModulo Two SumSummation With IntegralQuadruple Integral OperatorFinite Part IntegralIntegral With Double StrokeIntegral Average With SlashCirculation FunctionAnticlockwise IntegrationLine Integration With Rectangular PathLine Integration With Semicircular Path

Supplemental Punctuation

Right Angle Substitution MarkerRight Angle Dotted Substitution MarkerLeft Substitution BracketRight Substitution BracketLeft Dotted Substitution BracketRight Dotted Substitution BracketRaised Interpolation MarkerRaised Dotted Interpolation MarkerDotted Transposition MarkerLeft Transposition BracketRight Transposition BracketRaised SquareLeft Raised Omission BracketRight Raised Omission BracketEditorial CoronisParagraphosForked ParagraphosReversed Forked ParagraphosHypodiastoleDotted Obelos

Syriac letters

܀Syriac End Of Paragraph܁Syriac Supralinear Full Stop܂Syriac Sublinear Full Stop܃Syriac Supralinear Colon܄Syriac Sublinear Colon܅Syriac Horizontal Colon܆Syriac Colon Skewed Left܇Syriac Colon Skewed Right܈Syriac Supralinear Colon Skewed Left܉Syriac Sublinear Colon Skewed Right܊Syriac Contraction܋Syriac Harklean Obelus܌Syriac Harklean Metobelus܍Syriac Harklean AsteriscusܐSyriac Letter AlaphܑSyriac Letter Superscript AlaphܒSyriac Letter BethܓSyriac Letter GamalܔSyriac Letter Gamal GarshuniܕSyriac Letter Dalath

Tai Xuan Jing Symbols

𝌀Monogram For Earth𝌁Digram For Heavenly Earth𝌂Digram For Human Earth𝌃Digram For Earthly Heaven𝌄Digram For Earthly Human𝌅Digram For Earth𝌆Tetragram For Centre𝌇Tetragram For Full Circle𝌈Tetragram For Mired𝌉Tetragram For Barrier𝌊Tetragram For Keeping Small𝌋Tetragram For Contrariety𝌌Tetragram For Ascent𝌍Tetragram For Opposition𝌎Tetragram For Branching Out𝌏Tetragram For Defectiveness Or𝌐Tetragram For Divergence𝌑Tetragram For Youthfulness𝌒Tetragram For Increase𝌓Tetragram For Penetration

Bamum Supplement

𖠀Bamum Letter Phase-A Ngkue Mfon𖠁Bamum Letter Phase-A Gbiee Fon𖠂Bamum Letter Phase-A Pon Mfon𖠃Bamum Letter Phase-A Pon Mfon𖠄Bamum Letter Phase-A Naa Mfon𖠅Bamum Letter Phase-A Shuenshuet𖠆Bamum Letter Phase-A Tita Mfon𖠇Bamum Letter Phase-A Nza Mfon𖠈Bamum Letter Phase-A Shinda Pa Nji𖠉Bamum Letter Phase-A Pon Pa Nji𖠊Bamum Letter Phase-A Pon Pa Nji𖠋Bamum Letter Phase-A Maembgbiee𖠌Bamum Letter Phase-A Tu Maemba𖠍Bamum Letter Phase-A Ngangu𖠎Bamum Letter Phase-A Maemveux𖠏Bamum Letter Phase-A Mansuae𖠐Bamum Letter Phase-A Mveuaengam𖠑Bamum Letter Phase-A Seunyam𖠒Bamum Letter Phase-A Ntoqpen𖠓Bamum Letter Phase-A Keukeutnda

Unified Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics

Canadian Syllabics HyphenCanadian Syllabics ECanadian Syllabics AaiCanadian Syllabics ICanadian Syllabics IiCanadian Syllabics OCanadian Syllabics OoCanadian Syllabics Y-Cree OoCanadian Syllabics Carrier EeCanadian Syllabics Carrier ICanadian Syllabics ACanadian Syllabics AaCanadian Syllabics WeCanadian Syllabics West-Cree WeCanadian Syllabics WiCanadian Syllabics West-Cree WiCanadian Syllabics WiiCanadian Syllabics West-Cree WiiCanadian Syllabics WoCanadian Syllabics West-Cree Wo