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What is Online Text Statistics Analyzer Tool?

Text Statistics Analyzer is an online tool that helps you understand your writing better. Just put your text in the textbox, and it shows you how long it is, how many words and sentences you have, and even counts the lines and spaces.

It is particularly useful for students, writers, researchers and anyone who wants to make sure their writing looks good. It is really quick and does not cost anything. Just copy your text, paste it in, and get all the important details about your writing instantly.

It is like having a friendly helper to check your writing and make it better. Try our Text Statistics Analyzer Tool now and see how it can make your writing clearer and easier to understand!

Text stats analysis tool might help for academic work, content creation and professional writings.

Which Purposes Can Text Stats Analyzer Be Used For?

  • Text Length

    Discover the overall length of your text. You can see it space-included and space-excluded.

  • Line Count

    See how many lines your text comprises.

  • Space Count

    Find out the number of spaces within your text.

  • Word Count

    Get the total number of words used.

  • Sentence Count

    Learn how many sentences are in your text

  • Uppercase, Lowercase and Digit Counts

    Learn how many different group of characters are used in your text.