New Testament editorial symbols

Right Angle Substitution MarkerRight Angle Dotted Substitution MarkerLeft Substitution BracketRight Substitution BracketLeft Dotted Substitution BracketRight Dotted Substitution BracketRaised Interpolation MarkerRaised Dotted Interpolation MarkerDotted Transposition MarkerLeft Transposition BracketRight Transposition BracketRaised SquareLeft Raised Omission BracketRight Raised Omission Bracket

Ancient Greek textual symbols

Editorial CoronisParagraphosForked ParagraphosReversed Forked ParagraphosHypodiastoleDotted ObelosDownwards AncoraUpwards AncoraDotted Right-Pointing Angle

Ancient Near-Eastern linguistic symbol

Double Oblique Hyphen

General punctuation

Inverted InterrobangPalm Branch

Dictionary punctuation

Hyphen With DiaeresisTilde With Ring AboveTilde With Dot AboveTilde With Dot Below


Left Low Paraphrase BracketRight Low Paraphrase BracketLeft Vertical Bar With QuillRight Vertical Bar With QuillLeft Sideways U BracketRight Sideways U BracketLeft Double ParenthesisRight Double Parenthesis

Half brackets

Top Left Half BracketTop Right Half BracketBottom Left Half BracketBottom Right Half Bracket

Historic punctuation

Two Dots Over One Dot PunctuationOne Dot Over Two Dots PunctuationSquared Four Dot PunctuationFive Dot MarkReversed Question MarkVertical TildeRing PointWord Separator Middle Dot


Two-Em DashThree-Em Dash

Double hyphen

Double Hyphen

Reversed punctuation

Reversed Comma