N-ary operators

N-Ary Circled Dot OperatorN-Ary Circled Plus OperatorN-Ary Circled Times OperatorN-Ary Union Operator With DotN-Ary Union Operator With PlusN-Ary Square Intersection OperatorN-Ary Square Union OperatorTwo Logical And OperatorTwo Logical Or OperatorN-Ary Times Operator

Summations and integrals

Modulo Two SumSummation With IntegralQuadruple Integral OperatorFinite Part IntegralIntegral With Double StrokeIntegral Average With SlashCirculation FunctionAnticlockwise IntegrationLine Integration With Rectangular PathLine Integration With Semicircular PathLine Integration Not Including The PoleIntegral Around A Point OperatorQuaternion Integral OperatorIntegral With Leftwards Arrow WithIntegral With Times SignIntegral With IntersectionIntegral With UnionIntegral With OverbarIntegral With Underbar

Miscellaneous large operators

JoinLarge Left Triangle OperatorZ Notation Schema CompositionZ Notation Schema PipingZ Notation Schema Projection

Plus and minus sign operators

Plus Sign With Small Circle AbovePlus Sign With Circumflex Accent AbovePlus Sign With Tilde AbovePlus Sign With Dot BelowPlus Sign With Tilde BelowPlus Sign With Subscript TwoPlus Sign With Black TriangleMinus Sign With Comma AboveMinus Sign With Dot BelowMinus Sign With Falling DotsMinus Sign With Rising DotsPlus Sign In Left Half CirclePlus Sign In Right Half Circle

Multiplication and division sign operators

Vector Or Cross ProductMultiplication Sign With Dot AboveMultiplication Sign With UnderbarSemidirect Product With Bottom ClosedSmash ProductMultiplication Sign In Left Half CircleMultiplication Sign In Right Half CircleCircled Multiplication Sign WithMultiplication Sign In Double CircleCircled Division Sign

Miscellaneous mathematical operators

Plus Sign In TriangleMinus Sign In TriangleMultiplication Sign In TriangleInterior ProductRighthand Interior ProductZ Notation Relational Composition⨿Amalgamation Or CoproductZ Notation Domain AntirestrictionZ Notation Range Antirestriction

Intersections and unions

Intersection With DotUnion With Minus SignUnion With OverbarIntersection With OverbarIntersection With Logical AndUnion With Logical OrUnion Above IntersectionIntersection Above UnionUnion Above Bar Above IntersectionIntersection Above Bar Above UnionUnion Beside And Joined With UnionIntersection Beside And Joined WithClosed Union With SerifsClosed Intersection With SerifsDouble Square IntersectionDouble Square UnionClosed Union With Serifs And Smash

Logical ands and ors

Logical And With Dot AboveLogical Or With Dot AboveDouble Logical AndDouble Logical OrTwo Intersecting Logical AndTwo Intersecting Logical OrSloping Large OrSloping Large AndLogical Or Overlapping Logical AndLogical And With Middle StemLogical Or With Middle StemLogical And With Horizontal DashLogical Or With Horizontal DashLogical And With Double OverbarLogical And With UnderbarLogical And With Double UnderbarSmall Vee With UnderbarLogical Or With Double OverbarLogical Or With Double Underbar

Relational operators

Equals Sign With Dot BelowIdentical With Dot AboveTriple Horizontal Bar With DoubleTriple Horizontal Bar With TripleTilde Operator With Dot AboveTilde Operator With Rising DotsSimilar Minus SimilarCongruent With Dot AboveEquals With AsteriskAlmost Equal To With CircumflexApproximately Equal Or Equal ToEquals Sign Above Plus SignPlus Sign Above Equals SignEquals Sign Above Tilde OperatorDouble Colon EqualTwo Consecutive Equals SignsThree Consecutive Equals SignsEquals Sign With Two Dots Above AndEquivalent With Four Dots AboveLess-Than With Circle InsideGreater-Than With Circle InsideLess-Than With Question Mark AboveGreater-Than With Question Mark AboveLess-Than Or Slanted Equal ToGreater-Than Or Slanted Equal To⩿Less-Than Or Slanted Equal To With DotGreater-Than Or Slanted Equal To WithLess-Than Or Slanted Equal To With DotGreater-Than Or Slanted Equal To WithLess-Than Or Slanted Equal To With DotGreater-Than Or Slanted Equal To WithLess-Than Or ApproximateGreater-Than Or ApproximateLess-Than And Single-Line Not Equal ToGreater-Than And Single-Line Not EqualLess-Than And Not ApproximateGreater-Than And Not ApproximateLess-Than Above Double-Line EqualGreater-Than Above Double-Line EqualLess-Than Above Similar Or EqualGreater-Than Above Similar Or EqualLess-Than Above Similar Above Greater-Greater-Than Above Similar Above Less-Less-Than Above Greater-Than AboveGreater-Than Above Less-Than AboveLess-Than Above Slanted Equal AboveGreater-Than Above Slanted EqualSlanted Equal To Or Less-ThanSlanted Equal To Or Greater-ThanSlanted Equal To Or Less-Than With DotSlanted Equal To Or Greater-Than WithDouble-Line Equal To Or Less-ThanDouble-Line Equal To Or Greater-ThanDouble-Line Slanted Equal To Or Less-Double-Line Slanted Equal To OrSimilar Or Less-ThanSimilar Or Greater-ThanSimilar Above Less-Than Above EqualsSimilar Above Greater-Than AboveDouble Nested Less-ThanDouble Nested Greater-ThanDouble Nested Less-Than With UnderbarGreater-Than Overlapping Less-ThanGreater-Than Beside Less-ThanLess-Than Closed By CurveGreater-Than Closed By CurveLess-Than Closed By Curve AboveGreater-Than Closed By Curve AboveSmaller ThanLarger ThanSmaller Than Or Equal ToLarger Than Or Equal ToEquals Sign With Bumpy AbovePrecedes Above Single-Line Equals SignSucceeds Above Single-Line Equals SignPrecedes Above Single-Line Not Equal ToSucceeds Above Single-Line Not Equal ToPrecedes Above Equals SignSucceeds Above Equals SignPrecedes Above Not Equal ToSucceeds Above Not Equal ToPrecedes Above Almost Equal ToSucceeds Above Almost Equal ToPrecedes Above Not Almost Equal ToSucceeds Above Not Almost Equal ToDouble PrecedesDouble Succeeds

Subset and superset relations

Subset With DotSuperset With Dot⪿Subset With Plus Sign BelowSuperset With Plus Sign BelowSubset With Multiplication Sign BelowSuperset With Multiplication Sign BelowSubset Of Or Equal To With Dot AboveSuperset Of Or Equal To With Dot AboveSubset Of Above Equals SignSuperset Of Above Equals SignSubset Of Above Tilde OperatorSuperset Of Above Tilde OperatorSubset Of Above Almost Equal ToSuperset Of Above Almost Equal ToSubset Of Above Not Equal ToSuperset Of Above Not Equal ToSquare Left Open Box OperatorSquare Right Open Box OperatorClosed SubsetClosed SupersetClosed Subset Or Equal ToClosed Superset Or Equal ToSubset Above SupersetSuperset Above SubsetSubset Above SubsetSuperset Above SupersetSuperset Beside SubsetSuperset Beside And Joined By Dash With


Element Of Opening DownwardsPitchfork With Tee TopTransversal IntersectionForkingNonforking

Tacks and turnstiles

Short Left TackShort Down TackShort Up TackPerpendicular With SVertical Bar Triple Right TurnstileDouble Vertical Bar Left TurnstileVertical Bar Double Left TurnstileDouble Vertical Bar Double LeftLong Dash From Left Member Of DoubleShort Down Tack With OverbarShort Up Tack With UnderbarShort Up Tack Above Short Down TackDouble Down TackDouble Up TackDouble Stroke Not SignReversed Double Stroke Not Sign

Vertical line operators

Does Not Divide With Reversed NegationVertical Line With Circle AboveVertical Line With Circle BelowDown Tack With Circle BelowParallel With Horizontal StrokeParallel With Tilde OperatorTriple Vertical Bar Binary RelationTriple Vertical Bar With Horizontal

Miscellaneous mathematical operator

Triple Colon Operator


Triple Nested Less-ThanTriple Nested Greater-ThanDouble-Line Slanted Less-Than Or EqualDouble-Line Slanted Greater-Than OrTriple Solidus Binary Relation


Large Triple Vertical Bar OperatorDouble Solidus OperatorWhite Vertical Bar⫿N-Ary White Vertical Bar