Miscellaneous Technical

Diameter SignElectric ArrowHouseUp ArrowheadDown ArrowheadProjectivePerspectiveWavy LineReversed Not SignSquare LozengeArcSegmentSectorTelephone RecorderPosition IndicatorViewdata SquarePlace Of Interest SignTurned Not SignRight Angle With Downwards ZigzagSquare FootWhite TrapeziumStraightnessFlatnessAc CurrentElectrical IntersectionDecimal Exponent Symbol

Ceilings and floors

Left CeilingRight CeilingLeft FloorRight Floor


Bottom Right CropBottom Left CropTop Right CropTop Left Crop

User interface symbols

WatchHourglassBlack Right-Pointing Double TriangleBlack Left-Pointing Double TriangleBlack Up-Pointing Double TriangleBlack Down-Pointing Double TriangleBlack Right-Pointing Double TriangleBlack Left-Pointing Double TriangleBlack Right-Pointing Triangle WithAlarm ClockStopwatchTimer ClockHourglass With Flowing SandBlack Medium Left-Pointing TriangleBlack Medium Right-Pointing TriangleBlack Medium Up-Pointing TriangleBlack Medium Down-Pointing TriangleDouble Vertical BarBlack Square For StopBlack Circle For Record

Quine corners

Top Left CornerTop Right CornerBottom Left CornerBottom Right Corner

Integral pieces

Top Half IntegralBottom Half Integral

Frown and smile


Keyboard symbols

Up Arrowhead Between Two HorizontalOption KeyErase To The RightX In A Rectangle BoxKeyboard

Deprecated angle brackets

Left-Pointing Angle BracketRight-Pointing Angle Bracket

Keyboard symbol

Erase To The Left

Chemistry symbol

Benzene RingBenzene Ring With Circle

Drafting symbols

CylindricityAll Around-ProfileSymmetryTotal RunoutDimension OriginConical TaperSlopeCounterboreCountersink


Apl Functional Symbol I-BeamApl Functional Symbol Squish QuadApl Functional Symbol Quad EqualApl Functional Symbol Quad DivideApl Functional Symbol Quad DiamondApl Functional Symbol Quad JotApl Functional Symbol Quad CircleApl Functional Symbol Circle StileApl Functional Symbol Circle JotApl Functional Symbol Slash BarApl Functional Symbol Backslash BarApl Functional Symbol Quad SlashApl Functional Symbol Quad BackslashApl Functional Symbol Quad Less-ThanApl Functional Symbol Quad Greater-Apl Functional Symbol Leftwards VaneApl Functional Symbol Rightwards VaneApl Functional Symbol Quad LeftwardsApl Functional Symbol QuadApl Functional Symbol Circle BackslashApl Functional Symbol Down TackApl Functional Symbol Delta StileApl Functional Symbol Quad DownApl Functional Symbol Quad DeltaApl Functional Symbol Down Tack JotApl Functional Symbol Upwards VaneApl Functional Symbol Quad UpwardsApl Functional Symbol Up Tack OverbarApl Functional Symbol Del StileApl Functional Symbol Quad Up CaretApl Functional Symbol Quad DelApl Functional Symbol Up Tack JotApl Functional Symbol DownwardsApl Functional Symbol QuadApl Functional Symbol Quote UnderbarApl Functional Symbol Delta UnderbarApl Functional Symbol DiamondApl Functional Symbol Jot UnderbarApl Functional Symbol Circle UnderbarApl Functional Symbol Up Shoe JotApl Functional Symbol Quote QuadApl Functional Symbol Circle StarApl Functional Symbol Quad ColonApl Functional Symbol Up Tack DiaeresisApl Functional Symbol Del DiaeresisApl Functional Symbol Star DiaeresisApl Functional Symbol Jot DiaeresisApl Functional Symbol Circle DiaeresisApl Functional Symbol Down Shoe StileApl Functional Symbol Left Shoe StileApl Functional Symbol Tilde DiaeresisApl Functional Symbol Greater-ThanApl Functional Symbol Comma BarApl Functional Symbol Del TildeApl Functional Symbol ZildeApl Functional Symbol Stile TildeApl Functional Symbol SemicolonApl Functional Symbol Quad Not EqualApl Functional Symbol Quad QuestionApl Functional Symbol Down CaretApl Functional Symbol Up Caret TildeApl Functional Symbol IotaApl Functional Symbol RhoApl Functional Symbol OmegaApl Functional Symbol Alpha UnderbarApl Functional Symbol EpsilonApl Functional Symbol Iota UnderbarApl Functional Symbol Omega UnderbarApl Functional Symbol AlphaApl Functional Symbol Quad

Graphics for control codes

From Iso 2047Shouldered Open BoxBell SymbolVertical Line With Middle Dot

Keyboard symbols from ISO 9995-7

Insertion SymbolContinuous Underline SymbolDiscontinuous Underline SymbolEmphasis SymbolComposition SymbolWhite Square With Centre Vertical LineEnter SymbolAlternative Key SymbolHelm SymbolCircled Horizontal Bar With NotchCircled Triangle DownBroken Circle With Northwest ArrowUndo SymbolDecimal Separator Key SymbolPrevious PageNext PagePrint Screen SymbolClear Screen Symbol

Electrotechnical symbols from IR 181

Monostable SymbolHysteresis SymbolOpen-Circuit-Output H-Type SymbolOpen-Circuit-Output L-Type SymbolPassive-Pull-Down-Output SymbolPassive-Pull-Up-Output SymbolDirect Current Symbol Form TwoSoftware-Function Symbol

Bracket pieces

Left Parenthesis Upper HookLeft Parenthesis ExtensionLeft Parenthesis Lower HookRight Parenthesis Upper HookRight Parenthesis ExtensionRight Parenthesis Lower HookLeft Square Bracket Upper CornerLeft Square Bracket ExtensionLeft Square Bracket Lower CornerRight Square Bracket Upper CornerRight Square Bracket ExtensionRight Square Bracket Lower CornerLeft Curly Bracket Upper HookLeft Curly Bracket Middle PieceLeft Curly Bracket Lower HookCurly Bracket ExtensionRight Curly Bracket Upper HookRight Curly Bracket Middle PieceRight Curly Bracket Lower HookUpper Left Or Lower Right Curly BracketUpper Right Or Lower Left Curly Bracket

Special character extensions

Integral ExtensionHorizontal Line Extension

Summation sign parts

Summation TopSummation Bottom

Horizontal brackets

Top Square BracketBottom Square BracketBottom Square Bracket Over Top SquareTop ParenthesisBottom ParenthesisTop Curly BracketBottom Curly BracketTop Tortoise Shell BracketBottom Tortoise Shell Bracket

Terminal graphic characters

Radical Symbol BottomLeft Vertical Box LineRight Vertical Box Line

Scan lines for terminal graphics

Horizontal Scan Line-1Horizontal Scan Line-3Horizontal Scan Line-7Horizontal Scan Line-9

Dentistry notation symbols

Dentistry Symbol Light Vertical And TopDentistry Symbol Light Vertical AndDentistry Symbol Light Vertical WithDentistry Symbol Light Down AndDentistry Symbol Light Up AndDentistry Symbol Light Vertical WithDentistry Symbol Light Down AndDentistry Symbol Light Up AndDentistry Symbol Light Vertical AndDentistry Symbol Light Down AndDentistry Symbol Light Up AndDentistry Symbol Light Down AndDentistry Symbol Light Up AndDentistry Symbol Light Vertical And TopDentistry Symbol Light Vertical And

Keyboard and UI symbols

Return SymbolEject Symbol

Special character extension

Vertical Line Extension

Metrical symbols

Metrical BreveMetrical Long Over ShortMetrical Short Over LongMetrical Long Over Two ShortsMetrical Two Shorts Over LongMetrical Two Shorts JoinedMetrical TrisemeMetrical TetrasemeMetrical Pentaseme

Electrotechnical symbols

Earth GroundFuse

Power symbols from ISO 7000:2012

Power SymbolPower On-Off SymbolPower On Symbol

Power symbol from IEEE 1621-2004

Power Sleep Symbol

Miscellaneous symbol

Observer Eye Symbol