Miscellaneous mathematical symbols

Triple Vertical Bar DelimiterMedium-Small-Sized Black CircleZ Notation Type ColonIncomplete InfinityTie Over InfinityInfinity Negated With Vertical BarDouble-Ended MultimapSquare With Contoured OutlineIncreases AsShuffle ProductThermodynamicDown-Pointing Triangle With Left HalfDown-Pointing Triangle With Right HalfBlack Diamond With Down ArrowBlack LozengeWhite Circle With Down ArrowBlack Circle With Down ArrowRule-DelayedReverse Solidus OperatorSolidus With OverbarReverse Solidus With Horizontal Stroke


Left White Curly BracketRight White Curly BracketLeft White ParenthesisRight White ParenthesisZ Notation Left Image BracketZ Notation Right Image BracketZ Notation Left Binding BracketZ Notation Right Binding BracketLeft Square Bracket With UnderbarRight Square Bracket With UnderbarLeft Angle Bracket With DotRight Angle Bracket With DotLeft Arc Less-Than BracketRight Arc Greater-Than BracketDouble Left Arc Greater-Than BracketDouble Right Arc Less-Than BracketLeft Black Tortoise Shell BracketRight Black Tortoise Shell BracketLeft-Pointing Curved Angle BracketRight-Pointing Curved Angle Bracket

Brackets with ticks

Left Square Bracket With Tick In TopRight Square Bracket With Tick InLeft Square Bracket With Tick In BottomRight Square Bracket With Tick In Top


Dotted FenceVertical Zigzag LineLeft Wiggly FenceRight Wiggly FenceLeft Double Wiggly FenceRight Double Wiggly Fence


Measured Angle Opening LeftRight Angle Variant With SquareMeasured Right Angle With DotAngle With S InsideAcute AngleSpherical Angle Opening LeftSpherical Angle Opening UpTurned AngleReversed AngleAngle With UnderbarReversed Angle With UnderbarOblique Angle Opening UpOblique Angle Opening DownMeasured Angle With Open Arm EndingMeasured Angle With Open Arm EndingMeasured Angle With Open Arm EndingMeasured Angle With Open Arm EndingMeasured Angle With Open Arm EndingMeasured Angle With Open Arm EndingMeasured Angle With Open Arm EndingMeasured Angle With Open Arm Ending

Empty sets

Reversed Empty SetEmpty Set With OverbarEmpty Set With Small Circle AboveEmpty Set With Right Arrow AboveEmpty Set With Left Arrow Above

Circle symbols

Circle With Horizontal BarCircled Vertical BarCircled ParallelCircled Reverse SolidusCircled PerpendicularCircle Divided By Horizontal Bar AndCircle With Superimposed XCircled Anticlockwise-Rotated DivisionUp Arrow Through CircleCircled White Bullet⦿Circled BulletCircled Less-ThanCircled Greater-ThanCircle With Small Circle To The RightCircle With Two Horizontal Strokes To

Square symbols

Squared Rising Diagonal SlashSquared Falling Diagonal SlashSquared AsteriskSquared Small CircleSquared SquareTwo Joined Squares

Triangle symbols

Triangle With Dot AboveTriangle With UnderbarS In TriangleTriangle With Serifs At BottomRight Triangle Above Left TriangleLeft Triangle Beside Vertical BarVertical Bar Beside Right Triangle

Bowtie symbols

Bowtie With Left Half BlackBowtie With Right Half BlackBlack BowtieTimes With Left Half BlackTimes With Right Half BlackWhite HourglassBlack Hourglass


Equals Sign And Slanted ParallelEquals Sign And Slanted Parallel WithIdentical To And Slanted ParallelGleich Stark

Error bar symbols

Error-Barred White SquareError-Barred Black SquareError-Barred White DiamondError-Barred Black DiamondError-Barred White CircleError-Barred Black Circle

Large operators

Big SolidusBig Reverse Solidus

Specialized plus sign operators

Double PlusTriple Plus

Symbols used in game theory