Miscellaneous symbols

Three Dimensional AngleWhite Triangle Containing Small WhitePerpendicularOpen SubsetOpen SupersetReverse Solidus Preceding SubsetSuperset Preceding Solidus

Paired punctuation

Left S-Shaped Bag DelimiterRight S-Shaped Bag Delimiter


Or With Dot Inside

Vertical line operator

Vertical Bar With Horizontal Stroke

Miscellaneous symbol

Mathematical Rising DiagonalMathematical Falling DiagonalWhite Diamond With Centred Dot

Division operator

Long Division


Squared Logical AndSquared Logical OrAnd With DotElement Of Opening UpwardsLower Right Corner With DotUpper Left Corner With Dot

Database theory operators

Left Outer JoinRight Outer JoinFull Outer Join

Tacks and turnstiles

Large Up TackLarge Down TackLeft And Right Double TurnstileLeft And Right TackLeft MultimapLong Right TackLong Left TackUp Tack With Circle Above

Modal logic operators

Lozenge Divided By Horizontal RuleWhite Concave-Sided DiamondWhite Concave-Sided Diamond WithWhite Concave-Sided Diamond WithWhite Square With Leftwards TickWhite Square With Rightwards Tick

Mathematical brackets

Mathematical Left White SquareMathematical Right White SquareMathematical Left Angle BracketMathematical Right Angle BracketMathematical Left Double AngleMathematical Right Double AngleMathematical Left White Tortoise ShellMathematical Right White TortoiseMathematical Left FlattenedMathematical Right Flattened