White and black arrows

North East White ArrowNorth West White ArrowSouth East White ArrowSouth West White ArrowLeft Right White ArrowLeftwards Black ArrowUpwards Black ArrowDownwards Black ArrowNorth East Black ArrowNorth West Black ArrowSouth East Black ArrowSouth West Black ArrowLeft Right Black ArrowUp Down Black Arrow

Arrows with bent tips

Rightwards Arrow With Tip DownwardsRightwards Arrow With Tip UpwardsLeftwards Arrow With Tip DownwardsLeftwards Arrow With Tip Upwards


Square With Top Half BlackSquare With Bottom Half BlackSquare With Upper Right Diagonal HalfSquare With Lower Left Diagonal HalfDotted SquareBlack Large SquareWhite Large SquareBlack Very Small SquareWhite Very Small Square


Diamond With Left Half BlackDiamond With Right Half BlackDiamond With Top Half BlackDiamond With Bottom Half Black


Black PentagonWhite PentagonBlack Right-Pointing PentagonWhite Right-Pointing Pentagon


White HexagonBlack HexagonHorizontal Black Hexagon


Black Large Circle

Diamonds and lozenges

Black Medium DiamondWhite Medium DiamondBlack Medium LozengeWhite Medium LozengeBlack Small DiamondBlack Small LozengeWhite Small Lozenge


Black Horizontal EllipseWhite Horizontal EllipseBlack Vertical EllipseWhite Vertical Ellipse

Mathematical arrows

Left Arrow With Small CircleThree Leftwards ArrowsLeft Arrow With Circled PlusLong Leftwards Squiggle ArrowLeftwards Two-Headed Arrow WithLeftwards Two-Headed Arrow WithLeftwards Two-Headed Arrow From BarLeftwards Two-Headed Triple DashLeftwards Arrow With Dotted StemLeftwards Arrow With Tail WithLeftwards Arrow With Tail With DoubleLeftwards Two-Headed Arrow With TailLeftwards Two-Headed Arrow With TailLeftwards Two-Headed Arrow With TailLeftwards Arrow Through X⬿Wave Arrow Pointing Directly LeftEquals Sign Above Leftwards ArrowReverse Tilde Operator Above LeftwardsLeftwards Arrow Above Reverse AlmostRightwards Arrow Through Greater-Rightwards Arrow Through SupersetLeftwards Quadruple ArrowRightwards Quadruple ArrowReverse Tilde Operator AboveRightwards Arrow Above ReverseTilde Operator Above Leftwards ArrowLeftwards Arrow Above Almost EqualLeftwards Arrow Above Reverse TildeRightwards Arrow Above Reverse Tilde


White Medium StarBlack Small StarWhite Small Star

Traffic sign from ARIB STD B24

Heavy Large Circle

Dictionary and map symbols from ARIB STD B24

Heavy Circle

Triangle-headed arrows

Leftwards Triangle-Headed ArrowUpwards Triangle-Headed ArrowRightwards Triangle-Headed ArrowDownwards Triangle-Headed ArrowLeft Right Triangle-Headed ArrowUp Down Triangle-Headed Arrow"<Reserved>"<Reserved>

Paired triangle-headed arrows

Rightwards Triangle-Headed ArrowDownwards Triangle-Headed Arrow

Keyboard symbols

Return LeftReturn RightUpwards White Arrow From Bar With

Black arrow

Rightwards Black Arrow

Black curved arrows

Black Curved Upwards And Leftwards

Cusp shapes

Left Arrow

Russian astrological aspects

ÍRussian Astrological Symbol VigintileÊRussian Astrological Symbol NovileÃRussian Astrological Symbol QuintileËRussian Astrological Symbol BinovileÌRussian Astrological Symbol SentagonÈRussian Astrological Symbol Tredecile