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Place Map Emojis

🌍globe showing Europe-Africa🌎globe showing Americas🌏globe showing Asia-Australia🌐globe with meridiansπŸ—Ίworld mapπŸ—Ύmap of Japan🧭compass

Place Geographic Emojis

πŸ”snow-capped mountainβ›°mountainπŸŒ‹volcanoπŸ—»mount fujiπŸ•campingπŸ–beach with umbrella🏜desert🏝desert island🏞national park

Place Building Emojis

🏟stadiumπŸ›classical buildingπŸ—building construction🧱brickπŸͺ¨rockπŸͺ΅woodπŸ›–hut🏘houses🏚derelict house🏠house🏑house with garden🏒office building🏣Japanese post office🏀post officeπŸ₯hospital🏦bank🏨hotel🏩love hotelπŸͺconvenience store🏫school🏬department store🏭factory🏯Japanese castle🏰castleπŸ’’weddingπŸ—ΌTokyo towerπŸ—½Statue of Liberty

Place Religious Emojis

β›ͺchurchπŸ•ŒmosqueπŸ›•hindu templeπŸ•synagogueβ›©shinto shrineπŸ•‹kaaba

Place Other Emojis

β›²fountainβ›Ίtent🌁foggyπŸŒƒnight with starsπŸ™cityscapeπŸŒ„sunrise over mountainsπŸŒ…sunriseπŸŒ†cityscape at duskπŸŒ‡sunsetπŸŒ‰bridge at night♨hot springs🎠carousel horseπŸ›playground slide🎑ferris wheel🎒roller coasterπŸ’ˆbarber poleπŸŽͺcircus tent

Transport Ground Emojis

πŸš‚locomotiveπŸšƒrailway carπŸš„high-speed trainπŸš…bullet trainπŸš†trainπŸš‡metro🚈light railπŸš‰station🚊tram🚝monorail🚞mountain railwayπŸš‹tram car🚌bus🚍oncoming bus🚎trolleybus🚐minibusπŸš‘ambulanceπŸš’fire engineπŸš“police carπŸš”oncoming police carπŸš•taxiπŸš–oncoming taxiπŸš—automobile🚘oncoming automobileπŸš™sport utility vehicleπŸ›»pickup truck🚚delivery truckπŸš›articulated lorry🚜tractor🏎racing car🏍motorcycleπŸ›΅motor scooter🦽manual wheelchair🦼motorized wheelchairπŸ›Ίauto rickshaw🚲bicycleπŸ›΄kick scooterπŸ›ΉskateboardπŸ›Όroller skate🚏bus stopπŸ›£motorwayπŸ›€railway trackπŸ›’oil drumβ›½fuel pumpπŸ›žwheel🚨police car lightπŸš₯horizontal traffic light🚦vertical traffic lightπŸ›‘stop sign🚧construction

Transport Water Emojis

βš“anchorπŸ›Ÿring buoyβ›΅sailboatπŸ›Άcanoe🚀speedboatπŸ›³passenger shipβ›΄ferryπŸ›₯motor boat🚒ship

Transport Air Emojis

✈airplaneπŸ›©small airplaneπŸ›«airplane departureπŸ›¬airplane arrivalπŸͺ‚parachuteπŸ’Ίseat🚁helicopter🚟suspension railway🚠mountain cableway🚑aerial tramwayπŸ›°satelliteπŸš€rocketπŸ›Έflying saucer

Hotel Emojis

πŸ›Žbellhop bell🧳luggage

Time Emojis

βŒ›hourglass done⏳hourglass not done⌚watch⏰alarm clock⏱stopwatch⏲timer clockπŸ•°mantelpiece clockπŸ•›twelve o’clockπŸ•§twelve-thirtyπŸ•one o’clockπŸ•œone-thirtyπŸ•‘two o’clockπŸ•two-thirtyπŸ•’three o’clockπŸ•žthree-thirtyπŸ•“four o’clockπŸ•Ÿfour-thirtyπŸ•”five o’clockπŸ• five-thirtyπŸ••six o’clockπŸ•‘six-thirtyπŸ•–seven o’clockπŸ•’seven-thirtyπŸ•—eight o’clockπŸ•£eight-thirtyπŸ•˜nine o’clockπŸ•€nine-thirtyπŸ•™ten o’clockπŸ•₯ten-thirtyπŸ•šeleven o’clockπŸ•¦eleven-thirty

Sky Weather Emojis

πŸŒ‘new moonπŸŒ’waxing crescent moonπŸŒ“first quarter moonπŸŒ”waxing gibbous moonπŸŒ•full moonπŸŒ–waning gibbous moonπŸŒ—last quarter moon🌘waning crescent moonπŸŒ™crescent moon🌚new moon faceπŸŒ›first quarter moon face🌜last quarter moon face🌑thermometerβ˜€sun🌝full moon face🌞sun with faceπŸͺringed planet⭐star🌟glowing star🌠shooting star🌌milky way☁cloudβ›…sun behind cloudβ›ˆcloud with lightning and rain🌀sun behind small cloudπŸŒ₯sun behind large cloud🌦sun behind rain cloud🌧cloud with rain🌨cloud with snow🌩cloud with lightningπŸŒͺtornado🌫fog🌬wind faceπŸŒ€cyclone🌈rainbowπŸŒ‚closed umbrellaβ˜‚umbrellaβ˜”umbrella with rain dropsβ›±umbrella on ground⚑high voltage❄snowflakeβ˜ƒsnowmanβ›„snowman without snowβ˜„cometπŸ”₯fireπŸ’§droplet🌊water wave